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In 1992, Jane McDonald, Robert Angle and Sherri Drew-Ochal combined their talents to form MAD marketing+design. Over the years, their results-oriented approach has earned them the trust of some of the world’s largest companies.

Jane McDonald

Surrounded by creative individuals through her childhood, it’s no surprise that Jane thrives in a creative and entrepreneurial environment. Prior to co-founding MAD in ’92, Jane was Vice President of creative and production at Mclntyre & Dodd Marketing. Her passion for creative excellence and her strategic insight have helped fuel MAD’s impressive growth and have been recognized through a number of Industry awards.

Robert Angle

Growing up in a large family on an army base prepared Robert well for the discipline essential to both the creative process and to running a business. A strong believer in the “breakdown before breakthrough” adage, Robert’s creative solutions have established him as a leader in his field. Not surprisingly, many of Robert’s solutions have been honoured with industry awards.

Sherri Drew-Ochal

Sherri’s grade eight teacher advised her to put away her paint brushes and study something more practical like typing. Fortunately Sherri didn’t listen. With over 25 years of experience in designing and managing award-winning creative, Sherri believes her greatest strength is her ability to orchestrate a seamless execution across a multitude of touch points.

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