As we enter our 25th year in business, we thought it appropriate to share 25
tips that we believe to be key in our business success at MAD marketing+design

  1. Go into partnership with people who share similar core values.
  2. Get yourself a really good accountant.
  3. Hire people who are passionate about what they do and are as smart or
    smarter than you.

  4. Teamwork! Business owners should roll up their sleeves and contribute at any
    level in a crunch.

  5. Getting your client projects completed well and on time is essential to maintain
    client relationships but allow time to get to know your client on a personal level. It
    helps to build long lasting, mutually enjoyable connections.

  6. Treat your suppliers with the same respect you show your clients. We are all in
    it together.

  7. Be honest. You will earn peoples’ trust and respect and you will sleep at night.
  8. Hard work and fun can go hand in hand. Create an authentic corporate culture
    and you won’t need “team building events” to build a real team.

  9. Pat your staff on the back for real and regularly. Recognition goes a long way.
  10. Don’t confuse profits with income. As a business owner be sure to pay
    yourself a fair salary but don’t deplete the profits.

  11. Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes. The important part is the solution you offer
    whilst disclosing the mistake. This is when your true colours can really shine.

  12. Don’t nickel and dime your suppliers and do your best to pay them on time.
    You need them as much as they need you.

  13. Really listen to your clients. Gather as much information as possible. Don’t be
    afraid to ask questions. Make sure you “get it” before you begin a project.

  14. Don’t just give your clients what they ask for. Offer ideas and solutions they
    may not have considered.

  15. Avoid making decisions by committee.
  16. Always push yourself to go beyond, think outside the box, try new ideas, look
    for ways to accomplish the impossible.

  17. Discard top line thinking. Delve deeper.
  18. Summarize objectives/deliverables at the end of every meeting so everyone
    is clear on expectations.

  19. Respect peoples’ time. Keep meetings short and to the point. Make decisions
    and move on.

  20. Always watch your cash flow. It is the life force of your business.
  21. Listen to your gut.
  22. Take time off to recharge. It’s absolutely essential.
  23. Always have money set aside in case of crisis and know
    what that amount should be.

  24. Run, walk, hit the gym, do yoga, meditate – whatever works for you. It’s a
    great way to de-stress and escape from the many hats you wear.

  25. Plan for the future with a business transition strategy.

And keep in mind….Bigger is not always better.